Football betting terminology analysis

For newcomers to football betting, before understanding football betting, you first need to understand what the terminologies in football betting are. Otherwise, when someone asks you to bet on the “Win” (also known as '1x2'), you might bet on the Handicap instead. When the game ends, you find out that others who bet on the “Win” have won, while you have lost money. At this point, you will definitely regret not understanding the methods of football betting. Now, PP88 teaches you how to understand the essential betting terminologies for football betting!

Handicap: The handicap set by the betting company, i.e., "giving goals". The basic rule is "reflecting the difference through the score". The handicap for football betting is usually based on the result of the 90-minute match. (Extra 30 minutes of overtime do not count.)

Odds: Odds, also known as the water level, are the payout by the bookmaker. The level of the odds indicates how much the bookmaker pays for this outcome.

Upper/Lower Plate: The team that gives the handicap is the upper plate, and the one that receives it is the lower plate. In a level handicap, the side with lower odds is considered the upper plate. If both sides have equal odds, the home team is generally considered the upper plate.

Home Team: The team plays on its own field. (The score of the home team is generally written in the front, e.g., Real Madrid - Barcelona, which indicates that Real Madrid is the home team.)

Away Team: The opponent's field. (The score of the away team is generally written behind, e.g., Real Madrid - Barcelona, which indicates that Barcelona is the away team.)

Note that in special matches like the Champions League final, the World Cup, etc., where neither team has a home field, you need to see the order of team scores; whoever is named first is the home team.

Single: Betting on only one game.

Parlay: Choosing 2 or more games for linked betting is over/under betting. In over/under betting, the results of all selected games must be correctly predicted to win.

In-Play: Betting during the match, placing bets based on the actual situation of the game.

1x2: You only need to predict which team wins, without calculating the handicap.

Correct Score: Correctly guessing the score of the football match; it has a higher difficulty but high odds.

Getting Goals: In the case where there is a significant disparity between the two teams' strengths, to make the match fair, there's a type of football betting gameplay that generally opens with a handicap of 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2 goals, etc.

Over/Under: After the match ends, the sum of the scores of both teams.

Odd/Even: After the match ends, the total score is added to be an odd or even number.

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